Business Innovation Scan®

An innovation analysis creates innovation capability.

Companies want to grow through innovation. However, bevor starting innovation projects a few fundamental questions concerning your company’s innovation capability should be answered with the help of an innovation analysis:

  1. Is your company capable of innovation?
  2. What areas require which concrete optimisation?
  3. Where is the biggest potential for innovation?
  4. How should the company proceed to increase the innovative potential?

The Business Innovation Scan® is an innovation analysis with concrete recommended courses of action developed by the innovation consultancy KEY VALUES. First the innovation capability and innovative strength of a company are examined. Based on the success factors the current degree of maturity and professionalisation are determined. This will be done through global trend scouting and trend analyses, stakeholder interviews, analyses of past innovation projects, benchmark analyses and other factors. Thus, the Businesss Innovation Scan® is the ideal basis for planning and implementing targeted measures to increase the innovation capability and formulating the innovation strategy.

When there is clarity about the innovation capability of a company effective and efficient innovation developments can be designed. Budgets and time won’t be wasted, employees have a clear assignment and the company can develop a culture of innovation. A Business Innovation Scan® systematically examines where the lever for your company’s innovation success is the greatest:

  • Which new business fields to work on
  • Where to review new business models
  • Which new products and/or services to develop (user analysis)
  • Which new cooperations to form
  • Exploring possible co-developments

Results of a Business Innovation Scan®

  1. Determination of the current innovation capability in competitive comparison
  2. Concrete packages of measures for targeted increase of the innovation capability and innovative strength
  3. Identification and assessment of innovative potential (qualitative and quantitative)
  4. Basis for decisions on the innovation strategy and innovation development

When should you perform the innovation analysis Business Innovation Scan®?

  • You want to innovate but don’t know WHERE and HOW to start
  • You are uncertain whether you can start innovation projects in addition to your current day-to-day business
  • You sense deficiency in the area of innovation, and you want to objectively record and systematically eliminate them
  • You have started several (opportunistic) innovation measures without sustainable success – now you are looking for a systematic approach
  • You want to grow but you are uncertain HOW and in WHAT WAY you can succeed