Business Innovation Scan®

Business Innovation Scan®

Companies want to grow through innovation. And yet before innovation projects can be commenced directly, three fundamental questions have to be answered:

Where is the biggest potential for innovations?
How do we set about enhancing this potential?
In which area should innovation concepts be developed?

Once the answers to these questions have been clarified, an effective and efficient innovation development can be designed. No budgets or time are wasted, and employees receive clear assignments.

  1. New business fields
  2. New business models
  3. New products/services
  4. New cooperations
  5. Co-developments

The Business Innovation Scan® takes place amongst other things through:

  • Objective environment analysis
  • Targeted questions and stakeholder interviews
  • Inspection of the current innovation performance
  • Determination of the degree of professionalisation and degree of maturity
  • Effective knowledge transfer

Results of a Business Innovation Scan®

  • Determination of innovation potential
  • Formulation of an innovation strategy

When should you consider a Business Innovation Scan®

  • You want to innovate, but don’t know WHERE and HOW to begin?
  • You have made several (opportunistic) attempts but without sustained success; now you are looking for a systematic approach
  • You want to grow, but are still uncertain how to proceed