Innovation Management

Innovation management
and innovation processes
secure sustainable success.

Many companies have good ideas and promising projects but lack the ability to collaboratively and effectively implement innovation – simply put, they lack innovation management and suitable innovation processes. Especially in conventional organisational structures and rigid processes the main challenge is the transformation and implementation. Thus, too many good ideas unfortunately fall by the wayside. For this reason, an effective innovation management is the base for any innovation success.

Innovation Excellence

Based on our innovation analysis, the Business Innovation Scan®, targeted packages of measures are developed that strengthen the company in its innovation capability and innovative power. Starting with medium-sized companies that want to establish or improve their innovation management to corporations that strive for a higher level of professionalism in innovation development.

Innovation Cockpit®

Ecosystem for systematic innovation management

Today successful innovators no longer work with a sequential innovation process but rather with a dynamic and iterative system that makes the complexity of innovation development controllable and offers more flexibility. You get access to our system into which all relevant information and data flows – for example trends, new technologies, start-ups, insights, relevant publications on the internet, assessments and more. The advantages are improved teamwork in interdisciplinary teams, increased transparency, and real-time information. As a result, you will work more efficiently and productively. We are happy to present the Innovation Cockpit to you in a face-to-face meeting.

Process Coaching

Innovation processes often take too long and are laborious. Sometimes the responsibility is not clarified or there is a lack of overall transparency on what state the process is in or why it stagnates. We accompany your innovation process based on Design for Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. We support you in developing both content and methodology of agile innovation processes and an effective workflow control. The objective is to achieve faster and better results.

Innovation Scorecard

How do you assess innovation success? Individual innovation projects can take place through scoring based on selected criteria but what about innovation performance of teams, business units or the entire company? The introduction of an Innovation Scorecard helps create measurable results.

Innovation Culture Programme

Innovation culture is the breeding ground for innovation success. It is often referred to as “hidden asset” because it cannot be registered on the balance sheet but will achieve sustainable success. A productive innovation culture is characterised by fault tolerance, openness and transparency as well as self-organised and interdisciplinary teams that work intrinsically-motivated on innovative projects. If, for example, companies are still run rather autocratically, doors are kept close, information is withheld, the aim is retention of power instead of communication, innovation will hardly succeed. A culture programme is a sustainable cross-company package of measurements that encourages the innovation culture of the company.