Intellectual Property

Transparency through patent monitoring and patent research.

Patent monitoring and analysis always stand at the beginning of innovation development. First of all, patent literature contains 85% of the global technological knowledge so it documents the current status of technology and patents. Secondly, patent research and analysis help assess the competitive context and the chances one has to successfully register a patent.

The field of intellectual property is currently gaining importance. There have never been as many patent registrations as there are now. China has recently overtaken the United States in the number of patent registrations. Welcome to globalisation. We live and work in a knowledge economy. Not only ideas matter but also being able and allowed to commercialise them, preferably on a global scale. Thus, foresighted companies use these sources to detect and assess new technology on time.

At the same time, in the strategic business fields it is critical to success to secure the rights in time by registering patents and thus ensure future security.
The importance of IP and patent registration has increased tremendously in recent years. Today IP is a key asset of any startup and increases a company’s value.

Patent Monitoring

Based on a special software we continuously assess global patent registrations in your relevant patent classification. You can choose to receive a monthly, quarterly or annual list of new registrations in the most important regions around the world and review them. Through this patent monitoring you have more transparency and stay up to date with the latest technology, you monitor existing and new competitors and you can detect trends and developments. Also, in case of patent infringement you can react fast and within the set period of time to secure your rights.

Patent Research

Based on our methodology, tools and search logic we perform global patent researches for example for “Freedom-to-Operate”: Before a property right is registered or to defend a patent in a law suit the existence of a registrable “latest technology status” has to be ensured. This will be assessed and documented in a (global) patent and literature research. Through targeted patent research we assess the status quo in defined patent classifications and thus create the condition for the registration of patents or their defence in a law suit.

Patent Analysis

The innovation consultancy KEY VALUES monitors patent development in specific classifications and areas, trends, intensity of competition, existing and new areas of registration (IP Landscaping), key players and much more. This gives you an objectified transparency and security for decision-making.