New Product + Service Development


On the one hand, new products and services are an important prerequisite for the added value and the success of companies. At the same time, many ideas do not make it to market, and, if they do, many of these prove to be flops. The development of new products and services has become increasingly complex. Competition has increased; life cycles are decreasing; methods have changed. Trends and insights are equally as necessary as knowledge regarding new technologies, business models or agile methods such as Design Thinking or Agile Scrum. Current and future requirements should be understood so that successful products and services can be created.

Design Sprints

In our iterative Design Sprints, several ideas are developed based on defined challenges and “crash barriers”, which are then implemented as prototypes and tested directly. Here topics are not talked to death, but rather processed, shaped and tested collaboratively in active working mode (less talking, more doing). On request, customers and experts are integrated into the process. In this way, Design Sprints supply resilient decision aids for the development of specific products and services.

Sprint 1:

Methodology, context, challenge, trends, insights

Sprint 2:

Customer-centric analyses, ideation/brainstorming

Sprint 3:

Clustering, prototype development, assessment


Feasibility Analysis

Many companies have plenty of good ideas or promising projects, but lack the ability to implement new things collaboratively and effectively. In particular in conventional organisation structures and in case of rigid processes, the main challenge consists of the transformation and implementation. Unfortunately, too many ideas are then left by the wayside. For this reason, an effective innovation management represents the basis for all innovation success.