Technology Monitoring

A technology monitoring
opens up new options.

Do you use a technology monitoring to be up to date? Today new technology is detected in the early development stage through global developer blogs, forums or even patent databases and assessed based on its impact on the company. This approach increases the chances and reduces the risks. A technology monitoring consists of the systematic evaluation of existing and new technology and the resulting new service offering (product/service/solution) regarding a predefined requirement profile. We experience daily how new technology can change our lives. New technology is of particular importance for innovation development because it often is the key to making new benefits and applications, increased comfort, increased effectivity and much more possible. It creates the condition for growth. Thus, detecting new technology on time and assessing its impact on the company is a complex but critical task.

Technology Scouting

Periodic and global technology monitoring in defined sectors for an early detection of new and relevant technology.

KEY VALUES offers its clients a periodic and global monitoring in defined technology sectors for early detection of new technology. It forms the basis for targeted knowledge transfer.
Among other things technology research is made possible by means of our own semantic software that websites, developer blogs and institute websites (MIT, Fraunhofer Institute etc.) can be connected to. Thus, a permanent update on technological development in your area of expertise is guaranteed.

Technology Screenings

Concrete analyses in patent databases, institutes, and development facilities in order to detect new technology on time.

Analysis in patent databases (85% of the global technological knowledge is documented here) usually not only in the area of your core competency but also in adjacent areas and areas of potentially disruptive technology. Based on the area of investigation and defined client requirements new and available technology is made transparent through a technology screening of relevant technology, functionalities and benefits.