Learn effectively
and implement directly

  • The next evolutionary step in learning today
  • Learning more effectively and efficiently at the same time
  • Learning employees and learning organisation
  • Sophisticated didactic concept and digital platform
  • Ensured sustainable adaptation and direct implementation
  • Quickly scale new knowledge across the organisation

Self-Consulting - that's how you learn today.

What is Self-Consulting?

  • Self-Consulting is an effective didactic concept in which participants acquire new knowledge and skills interactively in a team on the basis of a digital platform and apply what they have learned directly.
  • Self-Consulting is based on guided team work and uses more than 20 learning formats such as videos, business games, coaching, face-to-face training, case studies, workshops, chats and many more, because learning should be fun.
  • Participants can orientate themselves on their personal development score and receive feedback and assistance.
  • Self-Consulting makes proven business development methods and tools accessible and easy to use for everyone.
  • We know from psychology that deep and sustainable learning works well when…
  • content is conveyed multi-sensually (different forms of learning and stimuli)
  • it is accompanied by personal emotional experiences (sense of achievement, personal references)
  • it is comprehensible through stories and a step-by-step structure (didactics, red thread, examples)
  • interpersonal interactions take place (collective learning/consultation, cross-fertilisation).

What does Self-Consulting involve?

In collective self-consulting, staff members experience themselves in the team and close the chain from information, to trying and understanding, to iterative improvement in continuous application. Participation, self-responsibility, self-developed solutions on-the-job, collective consultation and feedback are elementary success factors. Self-Consulting is a combination of 20 forms of learning, flexible time management, teamwork, self-review based on a digital dialogue platform. The interaction makes the difference to conventional training formats.

What are the advantages of self-consulting for employees and companies?

  • Self-learning employees, teams and companies
  • Continuous realisation of sustainable results
  • Employees and teams implement on their own responsibility
  • Structured and methodical implementation guidance
  • “Step-by-step” support via the platform
  • External consultant on site is only required temporarily
  • Employees identify strongly with the changes
  • Flexible time allocation
  • Transparency about learning progress