Your success in innovation is our assignment.

A clever idea or a new trend is not yet an innovation or a market success. Our experience after 15 years and over 250 innovation and transformation projects is that only specific knowledge and a systematic approach can lead to market success. Creating new, sustainable values is a prerequisite for growth but it is often difficult to achieve. Many companies complain that the processes are too slow or inefficient, that they take too many wrong decisions, that numerous ideas are stopped on their way to realisation and, therefore, that a lot of time and money gets waisted. That is the reason why, right from the start, KEY VAUES concentrates its efforts on both: targeted innovation development and successful transformation and implementation.

What makes us unique

  1. We tailor the project design and our approach to the needs of our customers – and not vice versa.
  2. We have experienced consultants with method skills. Thus, it is not the junior that comes after the first meeting has taken place.
  3. We coordinate and integrate projects and don’t leave our clients alone with the aggregation of individual results.
  4. We bring value-creating expert knowledge to the table  instead of gathering simply people  that are available at the time.
  5. We have 15 years of experience and we are familiar with best practices and new practices – we don’t jump on every hype but create sustainable values.
  6. We keep the focus on our clients and their results – we do not simply deliver charts and then leave.