Agile Scrum

Agile development
and cooperation.

Numerous companies are stuck in waterfall-organisations, cumbersome and lost-lasting development projects and thus lose their competitiveness over time. Scrum is an agile method for the development and corporation so that in a shorter time better results can be realised. A business can therefore use the benefits of a quick and effective start-up whilst taking advantage of the resources of a large company.

Training Profile

Target group: executives, HR, teams with project experience that seek to work in a more agile and productive way

Objective: company-wide adaptation within the frame of the company’s targets and processes

Trainer: certified scrum masters with scrum project experience

Location: inhouse training

Date: in common agreement

Duration: 2 days

Participants: 8-15 people


Scrum is an agile procedure model and framework for project and product management. With scrum, employees can solve complex adaptive assignments and are enabled to deliver productive and creative products of the highest value. Within the frame of the events, the artefacts and the roles existing project tasks can be solved effectively.

The cascading waterfall-organisations are not up-to-date. They are too cumbersome, slow, the output is not satisfactory. Working in agile and inter-disciplinary scrum teams, however, is by a multiple more efficient and more effective. Development times can often be reduced by 50%, whilst realising even better results. Nearly every start-up nowadays works in agile scrum teams.

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