Agile Scrum

Agile Scrum training
for a better and
faster development.

Working by the waterfall principle has long been outdated and it has never been effective. Quite contrary to agile developments with Scrum. Thus, an Agile Scrum training is a valuable investment in employees and corporate development. Successful companies increasingly work with agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban because the benefits are unbeatable: significantly shorter development periods, better quality of results and higher productivity have been proven. Scrum is a framework for teams for the development and cultivation of valuable complex systems and products. With the consistent use of this framework a Scrum team can reduce risks faster and deliver valuable products earlier.

Scrum is based on empirical process control – every implementation rests upon three columns:


In Scrum heterogenic and self-organised teams work together in sprints and optimise the teamwork continuously. A Scrum team is usually composed of five people: a Project Owner, a Scrum Master and three developers. Scrum is easily understood but the systematic implementation is challenging. In this 2-day training participants learn the theoretical background as well as the concrete implementation in agile teams.

The 5 KEY VALUES training benefits

Agile Scrum in-house trainings

In addition to the Professional Scrum Master schooling, KEY VALUES offers in-house Scrum trainings that provide benefits for employees and companies:

  • In self-organised teams work results can be accomplished faster and thus the development period is significantly shorter (dynamic interactive work mode instead of sequential processing)
  • The overall work mode is more productive – it has been proven that better results are achieved with less effort
  • The results are well thought out and of better quality with shorter development time
  • The results are reviewed with the help of prototypes and tests to ensure their implementation capability

What do our clients say?

„MLP consciously chose KEY VALUES as partner because methodological competency and especially the practical relevance are very crucial for us to promote an implementation in the organisation sustainably and “from within”. The Agile Scrum training was refreshingly lively and inspired our employees but KEY VALUES also really helped us in the area of digital technology.”

What do you learn in Agile Scrum trainings?

  • Development, background and meaning of Scrum
  • Theoretical foundations, rules of the game and framework
  • Interactive training in agile teams with numerous Sprints/practice sessions
  • Practice of application scenarios and their optimisation
  • Changing roles of Product Owner, Scrum Master and developers or other stakeholders
  • Special skills for the elimination of obstacles and the improvement of the process.

Results of the Agile Scrum training

  • All participants understand Scrum, the roles and tasks in a Scrum team as well as the results, tools and artefacts
  • The participants of the training can instruct a development team in Scrum and perform a development process with them
  • Obstacles during the development process can be eliminated or overcome independently
  • The training enables the participants to improve and accelerate existing development processes