Digital Innovation and Transformation Workshop

Understanding and using
digital technologies –
Digital Innovation and Transformation workshop.

What does digitalisation mean specifically and how can it be shaped? Before talking or thinking about digital transformation it is crucial to understand the digital technologies. We offer an interactive Digital Innovation and Transformation workshop in which the most important digital technologies are introduced and explained.

If you want to get a better understanding of what a Blockchain is, how results become predictable with Predictive Analytics or what Machine Learning means – you should participate in our Digital Innovation and Transformation workshop. Additionally, you will learn how our work environment will change drastically with Smart Workplaces or how the interaction of B2C and B2B will change due to gesture control and new User Interfaces. We also go into detail about digital platforms and how they enable completely new and disruptive business models. Look forward to a profound overview with concrete and comprehensible examples.

Update, training and workshop all at once

For a start you will get to know the most important digital technologies and their functions, effects and benefits. Simultaneously the transformation to your company will take place in form of moderated workshop frequencies.

  1. Get to know the 10 most important technologies in detail: functions, benefits, maturity level, application examples, industry relevance, potentials and much more.
  2. Work in a team to develop potential approaches for the business development and adaptation
  3. Learn how and by which criteria you can assess digital technologies
  4. Learn which sources and tools you can use to make new technologies accessible to yourself

What do our clients say?

“KEY VALUES optimally supported us in a systematic process to understand digital technologies and their functions as well as customer needs. Based on this, we as a project team were able to transfer the gained knowledge to the business fields of Stadtwerke Bonn. As a result, several concrete innovation projects we currently work on developed from the Digital Innovation and Transformation Workshop.”
Calvin Deppisch, Corporate Strategy/Corporate Development, Stadtwerke Bonn GmbH