Innovation culture training –
Enabling today makes
for added value tomorrow.

Professional innovation culture trainings meet companies and employees where they are. Innovation culture as part of the corporate culture has been shaped over many years and can become a success factor but also a coffin nail in a changing business and market environment. The latter especially if changes, adjustments and constant improvement are not part of the learned behaviour or when insecurities are developed because employees have to leave their comfort zone. There is hardly any successful corporate development without cultural development. Thus, an innovation culture training is a valuable investment for your company. Today, when we talk about digital transformation it is based on a development of the innovation culture: new skills, changed mindsets, lean and agile ways of working… This is primarily the task of personnel and corporate development.

Innovation requires leaving your comfort zone

Innovation requires leaving your comfort zone

Recognising and eliminating barriers, developing targeted measures to promote innovation

During the innovation culture training the following aspects are collectively worked on:

Innovation Culture Check (ICC)
Examination and evaluation of established culture

Alignment of guiding principles
Analysis of the maturity level and generations model as starting basis for cultural programmes

Agile and open work culture
Cross-departmental co-creation processes and criteria for NEW WORK

Development of individual cultural programmes
Framework for the development of innovation culture