Innovation Excellence

Innovation Excellence training for more success.

When companies are having difficulties with the development and management of innovation, are too slow or often fail, an honest and differentiated cause analysis and an Innovation Excellence training are needed. The innovation capability is to be assessed in detail: first of all, in terms of an evaluation of the situation and a review of the maturity level, if applicable also in the comparison of benchmarks or best practices. Subsequently the right measures to increase the innovation power in a targeted manner have to be determined. The third step is to develop focused packages of measures that are brought into agreement and implemented with the different stakeholders.

Organisation and content of the Innovation Excellence training

  • The training is specially prepared for the companies and the group of participants and performed by experienced method experts that have been providing method trainings for many years and possess according didactic skills.
  • The training is composed of a good portion of theory and practice using group work and other interactive and vivid methods to solidify what you have learned.
  • The training lives through concrete project examples the participants can prepare and contribute.
  • A continuously comprehensible common thread throughout the procedure increases the learning success and facilitates the transfer into the company-specific practice.
  • The training either takes place within the company or in specially selected locations.
  • The necessary practice tools, method boxes and work material will be provided by KEY VALUES.
  • The size of a training group comprises 6 to 10 participants in order to equally ensure interactivity and learning success.

Results of an Innovation Excellence training

  • Operational procedures, processes and structures are analysed in an end-to-end perspective in the context of innovation and optimisation
  • Best practices are introduced and discussed
  • Identification of innovation drivers and barriers
  • Comprehension of problem-solving mechanisms in the innovation or optimisation context


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