Innovation Excellence


Following operational excellence, innovation excellence is currently much discussed. New products, services and business models are supposed to make to generate growth but old routines, conventional methods and habitual procedures have not yet been dismissed. This training demonstrates how an audit makes innovation in the company ascertainable and measurable. It imparts methods, control levers and actions to increase the companies’ innovation capability.

Training Profile

Target-groups: executives and innovation leaders and teams with sufficient experience

Objective: specific improvement of the innovation capability based on defined success factors

Location: inhouse training

Duration: several modules depending on arrangements and the maturity level

Participants: 8 to 12


Innovation plans often fail but companies rarely know the internal reasons and coherencies to improve specifically. Innovation excellence starts with an audit of the current innovation capability and exemplarily examines essential success factors such as strategy, processes, standards, skills, structures and governance. Based on this examination the training imparts specific programmes, activities, tools, methods and more to improve the innovation capability.


With a differentiated understanding of the current innovation capability, if applicable with benchmarks from competitors, deficits as well as potentials become apparent (maturity level analysis). Based on the company’s situation, objectives and resources they can specifically be used through the individually required activities and programmes. By doing so innovation excellence is not merely a method but it can, when required, simultaneously include the supervised development and thus create concrete and sustainable results for the company. Therefore, the basis and actions will be developed during the training that need to be followed up later on a bigger scale in the company to increase the innovation capability.