Lean Thinking

Lean Thinking training –
Change with more efficiency.

Lean Thinking relies on central levers to support and shape a change process in an organisation. The focus of the Lean Thinking training lies on the fundamentals of lean processes as well as the moderation and organisation of Lean events and workshops. Furthermore, essential framework conditions and a successful planning and realisation of optimisation projects are considered. The term “Lean Thinking” was coined by James P- Womack and Daniel T. Jones to express the essence of their studies of the famous Toyota production system.

The need for lean, agile and waste-free processes always leads to changes within the organisation. Different ways of thinking and working, mindsets and motivations encounter a desired change process. Lean Thinking focuses on the foundations of developing low-waste processes as well as relevant problem-solving methods.

What do you take away from the Lean Thinking training?

Lean Thinking is an established method that helps to slim down business activities and focus on the essentials. Thus, the core benefit is consistently targeted and useless tasks such as unproductive meetings or unnecessary waiting periods are eliminated. In a Lean Thinking in-house training the tools and procedures of the Lean Thinking approach are introduced in detail and applied. This includes aspects such as:

  1. Value
  2. Value streams
  3. Workflow
  4. Requirements
  5. Perfection

This way the effectivity and efficiency of the participants of a Lean Thinking training and their companies are significantly increased and unproductiveness is reduced. A new mindset and way of thinking develop. At the same time, activities within the system are being questioned more and the status is repeatedly being challenged. Precisely so processes do not repeat just because it has always been done this way but because this is the best way for the company.

What do our clients say?

Lean Thinking Inspiration bei der Deutschen Bahn

Lean Thinking Inspiration bei der Deutschen Bahn

“With the lecture on “Lean Thinking – slimming down and focusing on the essentials” KEY VALUES enhanced our dialogue format ‚After Work Inspiration‘. In several series the coach managed to inspire the participating executives of the DB-Group and give important impetus in only 100 minutes each. The ratings for content and performance were outstanding.”
Harald Weissbart, Head of Division Programmes, Deutsche Bahn Akademy

Why learn Lean Thinking with KEY VALUES?

  • We don’t only perform successful in-house trainings but use this method daily in our own projects –compared to pure training providers we can therefore provide additional value gained in practice, for use in practice.
  • In our trainings we work on concrete and current company issues so the participants don’t only learn the method in a realistic environment but also develop concrete results for the company.
  • Our trainings are not standardised for everyone but specifically customised for the participants, their experience and the objectives of the company.


Contact us if you would like to know more about Lean Thinking or are interested in an in-house training: training@key-values.com