Developing what is required
and creates value.

Do you know your customers and their requirements? To actively manage requirements means to actively reflect on customers in the context of the project and evaluate them in terms of their relevance for the project result.
However, managing requirements also means an active engagement with these relevant groups in order to understand them and be able to react in a targeted manner. Our training Requirement Management can help you understand how to optimally do so.

Customer requirements – whether B2B, B2C or B2B2C – are either inconvenient, unexpected, volatile or already known and anticipated anyway. We want to change this and specifically identify requirements in relevant segments, create a precisely fitting interaction with the help of appropriate tools and methods and above all gradually consolidate and get to the heart of the acquired information. From assumptions and speculations arise needs that are consolidated into concrete requirements.

Kano model for categorising needs

Kano model for categorising needs

In-house training Requirement Management– foundation for Operational Excellence

  • The training is specially prepared for the companies and the group of participants and performed by experienced method experts that have been providing method trainings for many years and possess according didactic skills.
  • The training is composed of a good portion of theory and practice using group work and other interactive and vivid methods to solidify what you have learned.
  • The training lives through concrete project examples the participants can prepare and contribute.
  • A continuously comprehensible common thread throughout the procedure increases the learning success and facilitates the transfer into the company-specific practice.
  • The training either takes place within the company or in specially selected locations.
  • The necessary practice tools, method boxes and work material will be provided by KEY VALUES.
  • The size of a training group comprises 6 to 10 participants in order to equally ensure interactivity and learning success.

What do our clients say?

“KEY VALUES supported us in identifying and evaluating customer requirements for new systems and deriving corresponding product characteristics from them. Thanks to a flexible and targeted facilitation by KEY VALUES effectivity and efficiency were guaranteed throughout the entire project progression.”

David Löher, Project manager, Viega Technology GmbH & Co. KG

What do you take away?

  • You learn how to identify relevant groups of customers in the context of the project
  • You learn how to accurately identify customer requirements
  • You learn how to consolidate needs into requirements and thereby create the foundation for a stable and reliable requirement management

Why learn Requirement Management with KEY VALUES?

  • We don’t only perform successful in-house trainings but use this method daily in our own projects –compared to pure training providers we can therefore provide additional value gained in practice, for use in practice.
  • In our trainings we work on concrete and current company issues so the participants don’t only learn the method in a realistic environment but also develop concrete results for the company.
  • Our trainings are not standardised for everyone but specifically customised for the participants, their experience and the objectives of the company.


Contact us if you would like to know more about the training Requirement Management or are interested in an in-house training: