Transformation Excellence


Change means pain.This applies to the company and employees alike. Then again, the economic pain is a prerequisite for a company’s willingness to change, to leave old paths and align the company in a sustainable way. This is only achievable through a cross-company transformation process. The training demonstrates what control levers, methods, activities and changes should be orchestrated in which manners to master the transition.

Training Profile

Target-groups: project leaders, decision makers, method leaders and specialists

Objective: to understand drivers and barriers of change and develop mechanisms of action for specific transformation needs

Location: inhouse training

Duration: 2 days

Participants: 8 to 12


Every transformation has its own impact and mechanisms. Thus, the specific need for transformation determines the content-related alignment and execution. The transformation areas business, organisation, culture, technology, processes andskillswill be developed alongside the defined issue to derive directly transferable fields of action and embellish them for the realisation.


Organisations undergo constant change. However, change encounters established knowledge and conventional structures that quickly push companies to their limits and make necessary changes impossible. Thus, transformation excellence imparts essential success factors on the six areas business, organisation, culture, technology, processes andskills and looks at relevant drivers and barriers to be able to supervise and actively assist a change. Transformation begins in the heads and in case of doubt every individual needs a clear and comprehensible guideline to be able to manage the tasks imposed on him or her. An intensive examination of the transformation areas enables a collective understanding and demonstrates new ways and tools.