How much change can your company handle?

After the development of innovative projects, it becomes essential to safeguard the innovation capabilities of the organisation. As innovation bears changes per se, this might bring along changes within the company’s organisation. These have to be examined and to be shaped. In those cases, in which new projects should basically function within old structures, innovative ideas rarely reach the market readiness. Sensible, well-dosed innovation processes help to create the prerequisite for a targeted organisational development.

70% of innovation projects fail due to insufficient innovation management and the lacking of innovation capabilities within organisation. In contrast, those companies are successful that, in terms of a learning organisation, quickly find pragmatic ways to develop and anchor changes from outside in their businesses.

Organisational transformation: improvement of the innovative capacity through targeted guardrails

Maturity analysis
Determination of the organisation`s innovative capability based on relevant success critieria, such as scope, strategy, kpi’s, standards, skills and structures as a basis for targeted innovation development

Innovation governance
Steering- and control mechanisms for a systematic project selection and for the implementation

Innovation management
Innovation development and innovation processes, roles and responsibilities, mechanisms for escalation

Maturity analysis

Maturity analysis

Open versus closed innovation

Open versus closed innovation

Audits for the assessment of the requirement for change

Audits for the assessment of the requirement for change

KEY VALUES supports companies in developing the prerequisites for innovation

Maturity level analysis
Stocktaking and development steps of the company to gain new innovative capabilities

Stakeholder analysis
Understanding and integration of motives, point of views and habits

Audits for the assessment of the need for change
How should the company position itself if they aim to innovate holistically?

Change management
Targeted development and support of change management processes

Open innovation
Opening-up of the innovation processes for external competence support
(clients, suppliers, researchers, developers etc.)