Change processes
start when proven
remedies begin to fail.

The business environment changes every day. But does your company change at the same pace? Does your company address the changes that impact your business success? Today successful change processes within the organisation are part of the fundamental requirements for growth and sustainability of a company. Those change processes might include new technologies, innovative products and solutions, relevant customer benefits, employee qualification, business models… Sooner or later most companies get to a point where existing structures reach their limits. Short term operative measures are no longer sufficient to secure the company and make it sustainable.

Time and the capability to change as key success factors

The sooner companies realise the need for change and transformation the better. Sometimes it is already too late for change processes. Companies such as Kodak, Nokia or Schlecker are examples for the fact that the signs of the times were not recognised or addressed in time. In addition to the willingness to change the capability to change is a key qualification. For only those who step out of their comfort zone, take risks and break new ground have realistic chances to break down old structures and use new chances. Those who set the course in time can transform the company in well-defined phases and adapt the organisation, processes, the culture, skills and new technologies.