corporate culture.

Corporate culture is the breeding ground in which companies thrive or not. It is shaped by beliefs, values, behaviour and rites that have manifested themselves in the company over the years. The corporate culture indicates the extent to which managers and employees are willing and able to break new ground and develop innovative services. They sustainably define the thinking and acting of Human Resources 24/7 and are therefore a key factor in the success of any company.

Transforming corporate culture

Transforming corporate culture

A realistic TARGET culture is formulated on the basis of the corporate goals and a “cultural assessment”. Thereby a number of decisive influencing factors are examined and evaluated (Cultural Map). Success factors for a corporate culture that promotes innovation are, for example, error tolerance, taking risks, the learning ability, the ability to change, interdisciplinary work and much more.

Cultural development – change through conviction

How do companies change or better develop their culture? After all, you can’t look inside heads and the much quoted “mindset” cannot be flipped like a switch.
A new way of thinking and acting and thus a different attitude is most likely to be brought about by positive experiences and personal advantages. If, for example, a change in work means that you realise that this is more fun, easier and also results in greater performance and appreciation, you are ready for change, because you know WHY.

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In this context, training courses are also offered to develop Innovationsculture.

Here is an example of how Spotify has shaped the corporate culture: