New mindset – new skills
– new work.

The digital transformation as well as the numerous changes today require a new mindset and new skills – hereof leadership development is a key instrument for the development of the company. It would be fatal to believe that we can always keep on working the way we used to while so many things around us change. The current VUCA world (VOLATILITY, UNCERTAINTY, COMPLEXITY, AMBIGUITY) requires new solutions that are better and more flexible in dealing with the faster developmental pace, shorter product lifecycles, higher uncertainty, complex and changed requirements as well as uncertain decisions. New solutions that are seen and understood by management and employees alike and that are currently sustainably changing our working environment.

Leadership development: What companies have to do today to adjust to changed realities

This includes effective method trainings that help enhance mindset and skills alike as KEY VALUES has been successfully teaching and implementing them in medium-sized and large companies for years. However, new forms of agile and interdisciplinary cooperation, lean processes, targeted knowledge transfer, digital tools, an effective corporate and innovation culture, new values and breaking with old paradigms are also part of a NEW WORK DESIGN. Conventional waterfall organisations are just as much part of a phase-out model as power concentration or protectionism in individual departments. Even more than in other areas this fundamental change of mindset and skills requires an objective and professional external perspective and support. Companies and employees can’t deal with the day-to-day business at full power and at the same time constantly question and reinvent everything they do. Without interlocking, coordination and taking the numerous interfaces into consideration. (Satz auch im deutschen unvollständig)

Flexible transformation plan for companies and employees

A transformation and action plan coordinated with management and employees ensures that the organisation is not overwhelmed but simultaneously the necessary requirements for sustainability are developed step by step.