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We do not have a network,
we are a network..

Successful innovation and transformation has many faces. It is difficult to keep these diverse and changing competences in one company. That’s why, over the last 19 years, we have specifically sought out, qualified, developed and found value-adding competences and created our own KEY VALUES network. A team of experts that is constantly growing, learning and developing – and you can always access it.

Discover our experts!


Consulting, Coaching, Collaboration.


liCili is a software-as-a-service provider in the field of AI text analysis. With its uniquely innovative solution, the company manages to collect and aggregate thousands of texts quickly and easily, while at the same time enabling a deep dive into individual, relevant texts.

Semp Consulting

SEMP Consulting provides high-quality, scientifically supported as well as practice-oriented consulting services in the field of systems engineering and project management.


Development and implementation of digital solutions


Association for Work Design, Company Organisation and Corporate Development


German Society for Quality – competent partner for quality, business excellence and quality management in Germany


Solutions for indoor localisation


The Porzessschmiede provides support for efficiency projects in make-to-order production, especially in the project business of mechanical and plant engineering as well as variant and series production.


fLumina makes value streams visible to provide decision-makers with a simple, transparent basis for making decisions

What do you get out of it?

Scalable competence

In a project, it is not the person who has time at the moment who works, but the person who can make a valuable contribution through his or her knowledge and competence. Only when the fit is right can new values be created permanently.

More proximity to customers

Through our network, we are not only closer to our clients in terms of location, but also in terms of content. Within the clarification of the assignment, we put together the team that can work out the highest contribution and individually fits the company and the situation.

Significant cost advantage

Since we only ever involve our network partners in our projects and workshops on a temporary and targeted basis, there are hardly any overhead costs that our clients would otherwise have to pay. We are organised in a lean and efficient way with comparatively manageable daily rates.

Clear focus on solutions

We care about results and take joint responsibility for them. We do not leave our clients to coordinate and integrate the individual results of different parties.

Digital work

Our collaboration has been based on digital platforms and tools for many years (not just since Corona). Project management, communication and access to information are organised securely around the clock in our network, based on the division of labour.

Valuable knowledge transfer

The permanent exchange with experts from all disciplines enables an ideal knowledge transfer for ourselves and our clients. Instead of sales gobbledygook, we prefer to focus on the points that move us forward together.