Design Thinking

Design thinking
training for innovation
and development.

Understand problems, develop solutions.

Design thinking is a world-wide practised innovation method. It is based on the assumption that problems can be solved in a better way if people from various/different disciplines develop a joint (business) challenge and solve this challenge together in an environment that promotes creativity. A special emphasis is put on the needs and intrinsic motivations of the users. They form the basis for the development of the concepts and prototypes which again are evaluated based on user feedback several times.

Design Thinking-Prozess

Design Thinking-Prozess

Design Thinking Methods

Design Thinking Methods

Training Profile

Target group: executives and project managers

Objective: learning of an effective and universal method for solving complex problems and for developing innovative ideas.

Trainer: 2 experienced design thinking coaches

Setting: inhouse as well as open trainings

Dates: upon request

Duration: 2 days

Participants: 8-15 people


Design thinking is a world-wide used and proven method that is based on „customer centred design“ .  Problems, needs and new solutions are at its core. In the problem and solution areas, the teams can fall back on nearly 100 different tools which can be used and combined, depending on the situation.


In Design Thinking everything is continuously questioned, re-examined and developed exploratively. Due to the work in the problem area and the sharpened problem awareness, new approaches in the solution area are possible. The iterative learning loops and the focus on the core problem, design thinking usually lead to better solutions and faster results.

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