Design Thinking

Design Thinking
training for innovation
and development.

Design Thinking (DT) is an effective method for the development of solutions, new benefits and innovative ideas. Thus, a Design Thinking training is a valuable investment in employees and corporate development. The 2-day Design Thinking trainings either take place as in-house trainings within your company or as free trainings. All of the participants not only get to know the methods, but can also work on and solve a concrete current challenge for your company using DT. Hence this training is interesting in two ways.

In-house training: learning Design Thinking

Many companies and employees realise that they are no longer successful or competitive with their conventional long-established way of working. This often happens due to the environment and requirements having changed drastically. Today a brainstorming with the ad agency is no longer enough for the targeted and effective development of new benefit-oriented products, services and solutions. In addition to the expertise the current methodological knowledge and its application become success factors.

DT addresses many challenges that require an agile and effective way of working today. This includes interdisciplinary teams, relevant utility development, customer focus, relevant insights, the understanding of intrinsic motives and much more. Therefore, both participants and companies generally find DT to be very rewarding. If implemented consequently DT can support change processes, produce entirely new solutions and optimise the innovation development.

What do you take away?

  • The Design Thinking training consists of 3 optional modules:
    1. Learning DT, 2. Using DT, 3. Cultivating DT
  • The DT entry-level module learning DT contains: DT backgrounds/theory, DT basics, DT process, DT methods, DT practice
  • The practice with the tools provided in the “tool-box“ based on the concrete challenge is a fundamental component of the trainings

What does the Training look like?

  • Design Thinking trainings are prepared specifically for the respective company and group of participants and performed by experienced Design Thinking Coaches that have been performing method trainings for years and thus are equipped with the relevant didactic skills.
  • The DT trainings are 80% agile teamwork and are extremely interactive and lively. There will barely be any lecture but rather a lot of working and learning through reflection and feedback.
  • DT requires open work environments with a lot of open space and design options. Trainings take place within the companies or in specially selected locations.
  • The necessary practice tools, method boxes and work materials will be provided by KEY VALUES.
  • The training groups will comprise up to 15 participants because working in teams is ideal for learning effects and work results.

What will you learn from this training?

  • You get to know the Design Thinking process and learn how to use and implement it
  • You learn how to independently and creatively work on and solve a problem
  • You get to know the various different Design Thinking methods and learn to decide WHERE and WHEN to use which one
  • You learn to work and develop with a consumer-oriented focus at the same time

Why learn Design Thinking with KEY VALUES?

  • We don’t only perform DT trainings but use this method daily in our own projects –compared to pure training providers we can therefore provide additional value gained in practice, for use in practice.
  • In our DT trainings we work on concrete and real company issues, so the participants don’t only learn the method in a realistic environment but also develop concrete results for the company.
  • Our DT trainings are not standardised for everyone but specifically customised for the participants, their experience and the objectives of the company.
  • We certify the participant’s respective knowledge of the Design Thinking method with a certificate.

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