Disruptive innovation
creates sustainable

Disruptive innovation does not come into existence through brainstorming or on the whiteboard, it arises from the market. As an innovation consultancy we navigate and accompany our clients from the innovation strategy via the idea generation through to feasibility, development and marketing. Innovation management and innovation development are usually complex processes. Both require the interplay of selected disciplines and competencies. Access to information, knowledge of methods, tools and project management play a key role. Disruptive innovation destroys the status quo and at the same time creates new values, competitive advantage and sustainability.

The electric light didn't come from the continuous improvement of candles

The innovation consultancy KEY VALUES helps you achieve following objects in order to create disruptive innovation:

  1. Systematic development of new business fields, business models, products and services with high potential for success and growth
  2. High conversion rate on the path from the idea to the innovation
  3. Relief, support and coaching of responsible managers and employees
  4. Acceleration of the development through agile innovation processes and faster marketing
  5. Data-based validation of investment and resource decisions through targeted analyses

What do our clients say?

“For developing our corporate and innovation strategy working with KEY VALUES was particularly valuable to us: the systematic course of action, the contributed content as well as the innovative concept approaches allow us to advance further.”
Stefan Freitag, CEO, Stadtwerke Velbert

Innovation Cockpit® – Eco-system for systematic innovation management.

In addition to the WHAT the HOW plays a key role. Many innovation projects don’t fail because of a lack of good ideas but rather because of the way innovation is seen and managed within the company. KEY VALUES helps by being initiator, sparring partner, method coach, project and process manager and auditor with access to networks, tools and expertise.