Innovation doesn’t arise from brainstorming or on the whiteboard, but in the market. Innovation development is usually a complex process. It requires the interplay of selected disciplines and competencies. Access to crucial information, knowledge of methods, tools and project management play a central role. KEY VALUES helps to achieve the following objectives through systematic development:

  • Developing new business models, products and services with a high success and growth potential
  • High conversion rate on the path from idea to execution
  • Relief, support and coaching of managers and employees responsible
  • Accelerated and agile processes of development and commercialisation
  • Data-based investments and resource decisions

In addition to the WHAT question, the HOW also plays a central role in innovation management. Many projects fail not because of poor ideas, but on the way. It depends, on how innovation is being seen in the company, or being organized respectively. A company must be “innovation ready” to assume certain responsibilities. The development of respective capabilities and excellence usually requires external support. KEY VALUES supports in different roles: sparring partner, method coach, project manager, process manager, auditor, and access to networks, tools and expertise.